Who’s who in The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

By C.S. Lewis – Adapted for the stage by Glyn Robbins

Directed by Lucie Evans

          Poulner Players are excited to be undertaking the first local amateur production of this wonderful show. Based on the original story by C.S. Lewis, and part of the ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, the story follows the evacuation of four children from London during the Blitz.

Finding themselves in a rambling and mostly empty country house, they begin a game of hide and seek. The youngest, Lucy, falls through a wardrobe and finds herself in an enchanted, snowy land, inhabited by talking animals and under the spell of a powerful Sorceress.

The children trigger a series of events that will lead to the culmination of an ancient prophecy, and ultimately either destroy Narnia, or rescue it from a frozen fate.

Rehearsals are now under way under Lucie Evans’ enthusiastic direction. Hotly contested auditions have resulted in the following cast being chosen to perform:

Lucy – Ellie Watts

Edmund – Owen Hunt

Susan – Erica Lakin

Peter – Matthew Procter

Mr Tumnus – Charlie Lakin

The White Witch – Becky North

Maugrim – Piers Darling

Wolf Lieutenant – Harriet Cairnes

Dwarf – Steven Reynolds

Dwarf’s Dwarf – Katie Green

Mr Beaver – Teresa Miller

Mrs Beaver – Adele Buxton

Baby Beaver – Rosie Cracknell,

Father Christmas – Tim Mabbett

Aslan – Nathan East

Leopard 1 – Jackie Reynolds

Leopard 2 – Bella Gago-Martin

A wolf – Keira Witcomb

Giant Rumblebuffin (voice only) – Lang Rowe

The Professor – Peter Ansell

Mrs Macready – Valerie Rossiter

Enchanted trees, woodland creatures, uglies, trolls, boggles, leopards etc :

Elissa Mackrell, Karis Philpott, Luke Buckley, Natasha Galton, Edyta Procter, Angela Hunt, Sasha Joy Staines, June Ticehurst, June Buxton